Found in 1993, specialize in supplying Fine Chemical Products, sale directly from our plants in China.

Our business goes throughout Europe, U.S.A., Canada and Middle East. We most welcome you to be our business partner for development program and joint venture idea.

Our plants in China are manufacturing following Fine Chemical Products:

Ņ»”¢Novel plastic additives

  1. Zinc Monoglycerolate
  2. Zinc Pentaerythritol complex(1:1)
  3. Zinc Pentaerythritol complex(2:1)
  4. Calcium Pentaerythritol complex(1:1)
  5. Calcium Monoglycerolate
  6. Calcium Diglycerolate
  7. Calcium Glyceroeate-stearate
  8. 4-Secoctyl-2,6Ditertbutyl phenol
    ¶ž”¢Organic Nitriles
  1. Succinonitrile
  2. Sebaconitrile
  3. 3-Hexenedinitrile
  4. Nitrilotriacltoritrile
    Čż”¢Ca/Zn Thermal Stabilizer for PVC & halogenide polyolefine
  1. GPS-10 type
  2. GPS-12 type
  3. GPS-16 type

We have completed Laboratory for R&D, our products with ISO9002 approval.

We have been established the following equipments since 2000:

3 pilot plants which cater for less than 2 metric ton capacity production;

8 full production lines (annual capacity 8000 metric tons);

2 new labs for R&D and quality control.